Five natural remedies for allergies shrimp

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Shrimp allergy is one of the disease produced when the filter is no one can touch or mengkonsumsi shrimp . If he touches or shrimp mengkonsumsi going menimbulkan Such symptoms itching , a rash of spots as well dikulit - red spots , asphyxiation or cough . Such as the latter is actually bisa be fixed with using the materials - natural materials yang ada happened around us . They know what is a natural remedy for losing ? Listen The following is cited from :

1 . Drinking Carrot Juice

With mngkonsumsi carrot juice this be one of the natural remedies for allergies to shrimp to buy . Because carrot juice is bisa mengurangi pembengakan mouthpiece .

2 . Using Honey

Clinical honey indeed proved very good buy for allergies to shrimp . Meminum with one teaspoon of honey mixed one cup water soundtrack unknown bisa meredakan taste itching due to allergies shrimp .

3 . Using Lime Fog

Lime is also one of the natural remedies for allergies to shrimp to buy . With one drink a glass of warm water with a mixture comprising one citrus itching due to allergies shrimp .

4 . Using ginger

Content filter ginger bisa menghangatkan body 's yang be helpful for a natural remedy for allergies buy shrimp . Cup of ginger soundtrack bisa helpful for itching and rash buy the red due to allergies shrimp .

5 . vitamin E

Prevalence of food filter contains vitamin E is also one of the natural remedies for allergies due to buy shrimp . Food, filter contains vitamin E 's in this baseline Such grains , olive and pistachio nut .

Well , that is some natural remedy incorrect bisa kamu benefit for buy symptoms - symptoms of allergy to shrimp .

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